New Service Request

Welcome to the Blackland Water Supply Corporation Community. 

Please contact our office by phone -or- you can print out the Service Application and Agreement to apply for service.

  • Download/Print all 6 applications at once.  
  • Fill out and bring to office with a valid driver's license or ID. 
  • We look forward to serving your water needs.

Application includes all of the following:

  1. Right of way easement
  2. Alternate billing agreement form
  3. Bank draft application
  4. Personal info form
  5. Check valve form
  6. Acknowledgment of plumbing restrictions

Complete service application for development.

  • Furnish Blackland Water Supply Corporation with 3 copies of subdivision plat as noted on application.
  • Blackland W.S.C. will forward plat to Blackland's engineer for cost estimate.

Daniel & Brown Inc. Phone: 972.784.7777
Eddie Daniels Phone: 972.784.7777 Fax: 972.782.7721
Cost estimate will be returned to developer

  1. Plat must be approved by county commissioners before presentation to board.
  2. Subdivision will be placed on the next regular scheduled board of directors meeting for discussion and action.
  3. If subdivision is approved by board of directors, developer will enter into a non-standard water utility service agreement with Blackland W.S.C. pay all cost associated with the project according to Blackland's tariff section F, G.
  4. NOTE: No water service will be provided to the subdivision prior to or during this application process.